What do I look for in a Mid-Priced to High-End Grill that will last & give My Best Value?

There are several factors in looking for a grill. The GrillFather will not pull any punches with it’s recommendations.  Almost everyone looking for a grill starts with Weber. It is a name most of us grew up with. Our Grill Concierges will assist you in finding out what your needs are.

Look for this in a Grill – 

  • Stainless Steel Construction using # 304 or #443 construction
  • Stainless steel burner tubes and cross burner tubes help ignition
  • Heavy Duty Grates #304 construction
  • Look for Features, not necessarily name brand
  • The GrillFather carries only Grills that it believes in
  • Warranty and someone you can call or contact for help
  • Size of grilling area vs grill and or cut out dimensions
  • Natural Gas (NG) or Liquid Propane (LP)
Nice to have – 
  • Knob integrated igniter is a nice feature but not critical
  • Cast burners
  • briquettes for better flame control

Can’t go wrong Choices –

  • Summerset
  • Napoleon
  • Alfresco
  • Alturi by Summerset

Value and Quality at budget pricing –

Built-in or Island Grilling – 

Grill on Carts –

Words to Grill by –

“Buy it one time and own it trouble-free for 5 years plus”

The Summerset Premiere 32 Grill, with or without a Cart is a handsome Beefy Grill with heavy duty everything to allow you to have many years of trouble-free Grilling enjoyment.
This cart has solid and sturdy collapsable side shelves, for easy storage and smoother mobility.

The Premiere cart has a unique propane tank slid-out rack for easy tank check and swap, normally found Premium Grill..
So with the Premier Grill you get both quality and value at a modest price, and FREE SHIPPING!

32″ Built In

32″ on a Cart

Additional Article from Gas Grills Review

Gas Grills: What to Look For

When looking to barbecue your food, nothing can beat the speed and convenience of a propane gas grill. However, not all gas grills are created equal. Here are a few key items you should look for when you’re getting ready to start your summertime cooking.

New Consideration – Infrared Burner or Sear Burners

Power & Temperature
One of the main things manufacturers like to display when promoting a grill is its BTUs (British Thermal Units). This is a measurement of the heat generated, per hour, by the burners. Furthermore, a BTU is the amount of heat it takes to raise the temperature of a pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit. While this specification can tell you how hot a grill can get, it isn’t the only thing you should be looking for. Other important aspects include how many burners the grill has, the type of fuel it uses, the type of ignition is uses and if it features a rotisserie burner, a sear burner or infrared technology.

Grill Features
One of the worst things that can happen at a backyard BBQ is if running out of space on the grill. A large primary cooking area is important to make sure you can cook for as many guests as possible, and a spacious warming rack will let you slowly melt the cheese on your hamburgers while you finish cooking the last couple of patties. In addition to this, some grills are available in both liquid propane (LP) and natural gas (NG) models, whereas others allow you to convert the propane grill into a natural gas grill. This kind of versatility is important to help you get the grill power you need.

High Quality materials make all the difference in the longevity of your gas grill. Stainless steel is resistant to rust. Cast iron grates hold heat for a long time and are able to sear your food better. In addition, a porcelain coating will help keep food from sticking to the grates. The importance of the size of the grill will vary depending on where you are trying to place the unit. Be sure you have enough space to keep your grill a safe distance from your house and other structures.

Help & Support
If you need help with your grill, it’s important that you easily can contact the manufacturer and get a quick response. In addition, an online manual will ensure you can always find the instructions, even if you lose the physical copy. Finally, a lengthy warranty on the burners and other parts of the grill inspires confidence that you and your gas grill will be cooking together for a very long time.

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