Summerset Briquette Trays

Briquette Trays known as Flame Tamers have been around for many years. They are one of the preferred ways to collect concentrated heat and radiate it in the Infrared range to the food on the cooking grates. It also keeps the flames from actually touching the food, making for more efficient and uniform heat distribution. Depending on the cooking style and frequency of cooking, these trays will last from 3-5 years or more. The briquettes will outlast the tray and they come either as one unit or as individual briquettes set on the trays.

Summerset Briquette Trays - Summerset Briquette Trays Only

Summerset Briquette Trays - Summerset Briquette Trays with Briquettes

Summerset Briquette Trays - Summerset Briquettes

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Summerset Briquette Trays - Summerset Heat Separaters

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