U-Tube Burner for Summerset TRL and TRLD Grills,16″ x 5 1/4″, UTUBE-TRL




  • Fits Summerset TRL/TRLD Grills
  • Fits Summerset Premier (All models)
  • Fits RCS 42″ Cutlass Pro (RON42A)
  • Fits RCS 38″ Cutlass Pro (RON38A)
  • Fits RCS 30″ Cutlass Pro (RON30A)
  • Fits Excalibur STG Pro (All Models)
  • Measures approximately 16″ x 5 1/4″
  • TIP: You can upgrade with this burner only to a hotter 304 Stainless burnerClick Here
  • Note: There are three utube basic types one is small UTUBE-PRO around 13″ length and one is large and is 16″ in length UTBUBE-TRL, and one is 18″ in length and is a UTUBE-ALT
  • NOTE: the length can vary from 15 1/4′ to 16″ depending on how it is measured but there is only one burner that is close to 16″ that will fit your grill and these are Factory burners.
We’re sorry, but there are no returns on burners. Please measure your existing burner before selecting replacements to ensure accuracy. Existing burners will need to be 16″ in length to be compatible with the list below as seen in the list below or confirmed with TheGrillFather customer service
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Additional information

Weight2.5 lbs
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I Measured and confirm the Burner length is 16"

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