Summerset Wind Deflector Spoiler Kit fits Sizzler, Pro, TRL , Alturi, Universal




We’re sorry, but there are no returns on this part. Please measure your existing part before selecting replacements to ensure accuracy. Existing part will need to match in length & width and compatible with the list on that item or confirmed with TheGrillFather customer service.

“Summerset wind deflector” spoiler is aerodynamically designed to allow the wind that is directly hitting the back of your grill allowing the wind pass over the heat. Almost every grill of this type is faced with this challenge. Why add a wind spoiler?  There are many parts of the country that get very windy conditions and this is designed to keep the wind from being driven directly into the grill, which can cause the Grill burner heat into the front of the grill, causing high heat to be concentrated into the front of the grill causing Valve seal failure, and even burning of electrical components , if not addressed.

You may want to build an actual physical stone or framed barrier just behind your grill so the wind is blocked. We have found that this is not always possible and the solution is to install the spoiler and see if will cut down on the adverse conditions.

“Summerset wind deflector” fits these Summerset models

  • SIZ26, TR26 & STG26 Model – SPOILER 22″ (actual spoiler length = 26″)
  • ALT30 & PRO27 – Model – SPOILER 27″ (actual spoiler length = 29″)
  • SIZ32, TRL32, TRLD32 & STG32 – Model – SPOILER 30″ (actual spoiler length = 29″)
  • ALT36 & PRM32 – Model – SPOILER 32″ (actual spoiler length = 34 1/2″)
  • TRL38 & ALT42 – Model – SPOILER 37″ (actual spoiler length = 37″)
  • TRL38 & TRLD44 – Model – SPOILER 44″ (actual spoiler length = 42″)
  • This will fit on any grill that is simlar to the hood and base arrangement.  (no returns)

“Summerset wind deflector” installation which include.

  • 1 each #304 Stainless Steel Spoiler with pre-drilled mounting holes
  • Instructions for care and proper placement
  • How to properly drill into Stainless Steel
  • 3/16″ High-Speed Drill bit
  • Screws and nuts
  • How to install the spoiler Instructions – PDF Drawing

Help Links for “Summerset wind deflector”

Model: Spoiler 22″, Spoiler 27″, Spoiler 30″, Spoiler 32″, Spoiler 37″, Spoiler 44″

Important note: If your not buying this for an item listed above then there are no refunds.

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