Grill Transformer for Summerset TR, TRL,TRLD Series, TRANS-SS



  • Direct Manufacture replacement from Summerset Grills.
  • 12vac, 2-5 amps
  • Fits the following grills: TR, TRL,TRLD, Premier, STG
  • This is an AC transformer and can be used for many applications.
  • Input – 110 vac, approx 300-500ma
  • TRANS – Output 12 Volt AC, 1.83 Amp
  • The item in the picture may slightly vary depending on the production dates, but this will cover all Sunfire Interior and Exterior Lighted Grills.

Model Number: TRANS-SS

NOTE: Transformer to Grill wire is a Separate purchase Model Types number – TRANS WIRE-NEW

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