Grill Transformer, 12vac, 2-5 amps, Sunfire Grills, factory replacement – TRANS



This unit a Direct Manufacture replacement from Sunfire Grills.

Grill Transformer output 12vac amps, Sunfire Grills, factory replacement – TRANS

Lost your transformer or did it die? That is why most buy this, because this transformer is very reliable and has been known to run 24/7 for years. People leave their LED lights on the Sunfire Grills that come with both Interior Halogen and LED Exterior lights, just because it looks elegant.

The item in the picture may slightly vary depending on the production dates, but this will cover all Sunfire Interior and Exterior Lighted Grills.

This is an AC transformer and can be used for many applications.
Input – 110 vac, approx 300-500ma
TRANS – Output 12 Volt AC, 1.83 Amp

Model Number: TRANS

NOTE: Transformer to Grill wire is a Separate purchase Model Types number – TRANS WIRE-NEW

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