Don’t Eat Fuel! – Smarter Starter Fluid

Nothing can be more disappointing than taking that first bite of your freshly grilled meal and tasting something foreign, something chemical – tasting lighter fluid! With Smarter Starter Fluid, the only taste in your mouth will be the succulent flavor of your grilling prowess. Made of 100% eco-friendly ingredients and absolutely no kerosene, this lighter fluid will not poison your food or the planet.

Smarter Starter Fluid – Taste

If you taste fuel on your food then you are eating fuel. For too long, consumers have tolerated this foreign taste in their food. However, with Smarter Starter Fluid, the agriculturally derived ingredients ignite quickly and won’t leave bad tasting petrochemical fuel compounds on your food.

Smarter Starter Fluid – Odor

Made from green, natural ingredients, Smarter Starter Fluid has an earthy and natural odor, rather than the burning chemical rank of fuel based products. Food should smell great and inviting; this product will not contaminate or leave its mark on your meal.

Smarter Starter Fluid – Safe

Have peace of mind using this 100% eco-friendly product, knowing it is safe for your family and the environment. Smarter Starter Fluid uses an ultra-low toxicity formula that presents virtually no risk of poisoning pets or children.

Smarter Starter Fluid – Smarter

Smarter Starter Fluid is the great alternative to standard lighting fluids. It performs wonderfully with fast ignition, it does not contaminate the taste or aroma of your food, and it is safe for your home and the environment. With so many advantages over competitors, it is the obvious, “Smarter” choice for your family.

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