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Don’t Eat Fuel! – Smarter Starter Fluid

Nothing can be more disappointing than taking that first bite of your freshly grilled meal and tasting something foreign, something chemical – tasting lighter fluid! With Smarter Starter Fluid, the only taste in your mouth will be the succulent flavor of your grilling prowess. Made of 100% eco-friendly ingredients and absolutely no kerosene, this lighter […]


BBQ Gas Conversion Kit – A General Overview

One of the most basic and important elements to consider when installing a grill is gas compatibility. Since natural gas and liquid propane require different pressure settings, the appropriate NG/LP components on your grill are essential to ensure that it will function properly. For example, if you are using a propane tank, but your grill […]


Planning Your Island Part II – Choosing Island Components

Last week we covered 7 general tips on planning your island. This week we are going to focus on choosing the correct components for your island. Here are 7 more tips to help you avoid any unexpected complications while creating your backyard paradise. Plan For Storage – Choosing Island Components Be sure to account for […]


Stainless Steel Magnet Test… Fact or Myth?

IS THE STAINLESS STEEL MAGNET TEST FACT OR MYTH? There are over 150 types of stainless steel and about 15 types that are commonly used.  All stainless steels are iron-based alloys containing a minimum of about 10.5% chromium, which is extremely resistant to corrosion, and other alloying elements, such as nickel.  The various combinations of elements […]


7 Tips for Planning Your Outdoor Island

One key element of any great backyard is the barbecue island. While adding architectural beauty and dynamism to your yard, an island also provides a platform for healthy interaction between friends and family, and what unifying force is more powerful than sizzling BBQ? This year, rather than awkwardly standing around the living room talking about […]


Lauren’s Traditional Guacamole Recipe

Guacamole just makes me happy! It’s what tortilla chips were made for! All joking aside (I’m really not joking), fresh citrusy guacamole is a favorite for any party or dinner. Thick and creamy, light and rich, this simple food is loaded with complexity that can stand on its own or compliment countless meals. The simplicity […]


GrillGrates – The “Grate” Secret to Grilling!

Technology has yielded some pretty cool innovations to the art of grilling and grilling appliances. GrillGrates is a new grill surface adaptable to fit almost any grill. Using interlocking panels with raised rail design that replace or lay on top of existing grates, GrillGrates provide a superior infrared grilling experience with easy clean up.  They […]


Infrared Burner Buying Choices – In-Grill vs. Plug ‘N’ Play

The IR Burner business is really heating up, actual pun intended…and we have been gathering real-life experiences from customers and Facebook friends, including 
tips on buying Infrared Burner grills. Question: Should I buy a grill with an In-Grill (built in) Infrared Burner? Answer: Yes, if you can add or remove it to accommodate your cooking […]


How much Natural Gas or Propane Pressure Should I have for my Grill to get the best Performance?

Your Grills performance is greatly affected by the amount of gas Volume you feed it. The larger the pipe, the more you can feed your grill, which will yield maximum performance. There are many Gas Line related factors that will affect your grills performance. For most gas BBQ grills, the test is to lift out […]

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